« Efforts paid off and promises kept, thanks to a transparent approach »

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« Selling my apartment on Avenue Molière? And why not? » asks Thaddé Plater Zyberk. Especially if it is with Inside Properties, an agency « like no other », which he presents in three words: efficiency, modernity and speed. But let’s go back to the beginning of his story…

Why sell your beautiful apartment?

The trigger for the sale of his property was first the coronavirus crisis. « I realized the rental market was pretty bad, so I seriously considered whether or not to keep bricks, » Thaddé recalls. The time seemed right to part with his bright one-bedroom apartment. An atypical and elegantly renovated property in a 1960s building in the heart of the Place Brugmann district. A pearl!

Neither the time nor the energy to sell

As this is not his first experience in real estate, Thaddé quickly starts looking for a real estate agency and compares the offers. His heart swings between a large « classic » company (from a friend) and Inside Properties. « I knew the reputation of Inside thanks to word-of-mouth, but also thanks to my notary, who had praised its dynamism and efficiency », he says.

It is decided, he tries the adventure with Inside Properties! « Several elements seduced me at Inside. At the same time, its human size, the reduced number of properties in portfolio, the availability of the team and also the fact of always having the same interlocutor », explains Thaddé. Not to mention the excellent value of his apartment. The price set and the deadlines met his expectations. But were the promises kept?

From (good) surprise to (good) surprise

Our team then unfolds its unique sales strategy… in less than 24 days. Thaddé is bluffed: « The quality of the photos and videos, the complete description of my apartment and the neighborhood, the optimal communication and the regular feedback! » Everything was done to ensure that he would go through the sales process smoothly.

The Cherry on the cake is the home staging. A real pleasant surprise for the Brussels resident. Of course, his apartment was already nice, but Inside turned it into a jewel, in which potential buyers can project themselves in an instant. A revamped interior for a guaranteed « coup de coeur ».

Beyond expectations

As promised, the visits followed quickly and the sale was concluded in record time. So did Thaddé achieve his objectives? There remains the crucial question of the sale price… « More beautiful than on paper, since my apartment was sold at a price higher than that announced! Upstream, we had agreed to make 50-50 on a possible surplus, so it’s a real win-win, » he says. Efforts paid off and promises kept, thanks to a transparent and 100% win-win approach.

Thaddé was thrilled with this first Inside experience and has become a true ambassador for our 5* and ultra-high-performance real estate service. I automatically recommend Inside Properties to my friends… and even to my mom, who has since become a client », he concludes.

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