Le Châtelain, a district with a chic and trendy atmosphere

Place du Châtelain

A chic and trendy district located between the Chaussées de Waterloo, de Charleroi, de Vleurgat and Avenue Louise, the Châtelain district attracts people with its shops, bars and trendy restaurants. High-quality residential buildings dot the streets. Let’s visit this district of Ixelles which is very popular with expatriates.

Discover the Châtelain district in Ixelles

You are now in the west of the commune of Ixelles, near the Porte de Namur, in the Châtelain. Listed residences, art galleries, fine food shops and trendy restaurants characterise this upmarket district.

Un jour à Peyrassol

Place du Châtelain, the heart of this Brussels district

Let’s start our visit by going to Place du Châtelain, the nerve centre of the district. We suggest you stroll through its market, which is held every Wednesday evening. Let yourself be tempted by the wide choice of organic fruit and vegetables, cheeses, Liège waffles and other delicacies.

With its cosmopolitan clientele, with a tendency to be expats, take part in the game of encounters and enriching exchanges in a convivial setting.

Marché de la Place du Châtelain
Marché de la Place du Châtelain
Marché de la Place du Châtelain
Marché de la Place du Châtelain
Marché de la Place du Châtelain
Marché de la Place du Châtelain

Brussels’ culture and Art Nouveau in the spotlight

A few blocks from the Place du Châtelain, let’s continue our walk and take the Rue de l’Amazone or the Rue de l’Aqueduc. At each end of these streets, there, in front of us, stands a remarkable building, the beautiful 17th-century Church of the Holy Trinity.

Eglise de la Trinité à Ixelles

Are you an art lover? There are plenty of art galleries in the Châtelain district. For your greatest satisfaction, enter the art gallery La Patinoire Royale on the site of the former « Royal Skating », located in Rue Veydt.

Galerie d'Art de la Patinoire Royale à Ixelles

Art Nouveau dominates in Brussels. The house of the famous architect Victor Horta is located in the Châtelain district. In Rue Paul Emile Janson stands the Tassel Hotel, one of his first projects. In the west of the district, in Rue Defacqz, you can admire the magnificent decorated façade of the Ciamberlani Hotel, designed by Paul Hankar, another renowned Art Nouveau architect.


Hotel Tassel à Ixelles
Bâtiment Art déco rue du Page
Porte d'entrée du musée Victor Horta
Façade Art nouveau rue Defacqz
façade décorée de l’hôtel Ciamberlani
Hotel Tassel à Ixelles
Bâtiment Art déco rue du Page

Relaxation in the Châtelain parks

After contemplating all these architectural gems, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in one of the green settings of the Châtelain district. Take a few steps away from the hustle and bustle of Avenue Louise and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Parc Faider in the street of the same name.

Parc Faider

A little further south in the district, we take you to discover one of the capital’s green jewels. Located between the chaussée de Vleurgat and the Mélèze and Hector-Denis streets, the Tenbosch Park offers two hectares of remarkable biodiversity. Contemplate the hundred or so listed trees, stroll along its paths, bushes and water features. An ideal place for children with its playgrounds.

Jardin du parc Tenbosch à Ixelles

Are you a fan of jogging and open spaces? Then take a stroll along the paths of the Bois de la Cambre, which can be reached by tram in a few minutes.

Plaine du Bois de la Cambre

Quality brands at your disposal

After a walk in the countryside, how about a shopping trip or a gourmet break?

Go for a trendy outfit at Blender, Hopono, Mellow, Rose. Are you looking for a dress for a party or a wedding? Try the Coucou rental service on the Place du Châtelain. Want to find an inspiring novel at the Peinture Fraîche bookshop?

Librairie Peinture Fraîche

We now take you to some small specialist shops. El Vasco in Rue du Page for Basque products. If you prefer Japanese, Lebanese or even Kashmiri products, you will also find them.

Terrasse du restaurant El Vasco à Ixelles

Living in Le Châtelain district

Place Stéphanie
Terrasse de la patisserie Nikolas Koulepis

10 things to do or places to see in Châtelain

  • Stroll around the unmissable Place du Châtelain market every Wednesday afternoon;
  • Do your organic shopping at Tan;
  • Sip a cocktail at Stoefer, a lively bar;
  • Taste the new young French cuisine at Ötap;
  • Spend an evening with friends in a relaxed and trendy wine bar at Tarzan;
  • Enjoy a Portuguese sweet break at Forcado and try the best Pasteis de Nata;
  • Redecorate at Lulu Home or Homepage;
  • Buy a beautiful card to give as a gift on Rue Américaine;
  • Visit an exhibition at the Rodolphe Janssen Gallery;
  • Discover the Horta Museum, the architect’s former home.
Place Stéphanie
Patisserie Forcado à Saint-Gilles
Terrasse de La Chatelaine du Liban place du Chatelain
Façade du musée Horta à Saint-Gilles
Entrée de Lulu Home
Restaurant Tero à Saint-Gilles
Terrasse du restaurant un jour à Peyrassol
Terrasse du bar Pepette et Ronron
Place Stéphanie
Patisserie Forcado à Saint-Gilles

Are you won over by the chic and trendy side of Châtelain? This district of Ixelles is full of luxury houses and flats that will not leave you indifferent.

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