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Inside Properties is a real estate agency in Ixelles specialising in the sale of exceptional and charming properties in Brussels. Take advantage of our real estate expertise and our professional service when selling or buying your property.
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Come and experience Inside Properties! A successful real estate project thanks to our expertise and know-how. Find the property of your dreams in Ixelles: a charming flat, an exceptional villa, a loft or a duplex, the choice is wide!

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Real estate agency in Ixelles, Inside Properties is specialized in the sale of charming and characterful properties in Brussels. Benefit from our expertise and professionalism throughout the process of selling your property.

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« Inside Properties creates fluid and positive human experience based on trust »

We take the time to understand as much as possible about your property, presenting it in the most inspiring way to the market.

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Facilitating real estate in Uccle is our speciality. We reveal the full potential of the properties entrusted to us and find their future owner.

Our mission? To enhance your chances of selling and buying.

Our job? Making people happy! At Inside Properties we know that a real estate sale is born from an encounter: connecting a buyer with the property they’ve been searching for. But in Uccle, quality properties are in demand. Our role is to satisfy buyers and sellers by organising targeted visits that can lead to an offer to buy. To do this, we have set up a 5* « all-inclusive » real estate service based on more than 20 years of experience in the Brussels real estate market.

The assurance of selling your property in Uccle at the best price

At Inside Properties, we know that the details matter when it comes to real estate. This is why we offer our seller clients a top-of-the-range home staging service to reveal the potential of their property in Ixelles. We carry out the decoration work, awakening the beautiful sleeping buildings so that they regain their brilliance and entice their future owners. This ensures your property sells at the best price.

Our assistance in finding your future flat in Ixelles

Buying in Ixelles via the traditional circuit requires patience and perseverance. Quality properties are rare on the market and competition is high. This is why joining Inside Properties allows clients actively looking for a future residence in Ixelles to be contacted when a property that meets their criteria arrives in our catalogue. A visit is organised quickly so that you don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

At home and in your neighbourhood

Ixelles is, like Brussels, a multi-faceted municipality. Each of its neighbourhoods has its own unique and appealing identity. We make sure that you find the property you are looking for in the neighbourhood where you will feel at home. Our 20 years of experience in real estate in Brussels means that we can advise you on the ideal neighbourhood in which to set down your bags. Because we know that in real estate, the environment is just as important as the property.

Move to one of the chic districts of Ixelles

Ixelles is a popular district in Brussels. Some of its neighbourhoods are renowned for their charming architecture and soothing surroundings. This is the case of the Place Brugmann, considered to be the Saint-Germain of Brussels. As for the Châtelain, this is a district with a chic and trendy atmosphere where characterful facades and local shops follow one another. This district in the west of the commune of Ixelles is the epicentre of Brussels’ culture and Art Nouveau.

Go from calm to lively in a few moments

With its lively squares, beautifully decorated squares, parks and ponds where you can enjoy a stroll, Ixelles offers a pleasant living environment. Here, urban life is sometimes gentle, sometimes more intense. From the well-known Flagey market to the Ixelles ponds, it’s only a few steps from village life to the peace and quiet of a park. And if you’re looking for a student atmosphere, you’ll find the coolest neighbourhood in Brussels, the Ixelles Cemetery, to the south.

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