Dieweg, a district between town and country

Dieweg, a district between town and country

rue Papenkasteel à Uccle

Listen carefully and don’t be surprised if you hear a seventy. In the Dieweg, French families have made their mark. Here, green spaces dominate, shops abound and there is a holiday feeling. You are in the Dieweg, a residential area in the heart of Uccle, one of the most popular.

rue Geleytsbeek

Walking in Dieweg

Welcome to the Dieweg, in the south of Uccle, a few steps from the Observatory district. Here, a few minutes’ walk is enough to go from the bustle of the district to the calm of its parks and gardens.

Unusual walk in the Dieweg cemetery

To begin this walk, we head for the old Dieweg path. The main reason for taking you this way is to show you a beautiful view of the Forêt de Soignes.

But it is also to introduce you to an unusual but enchanting place: the Dieweg cemetery. Or rather, the former Dieweg cemetery, because it was disused at the end of the 1950s. Old graves on which nature has reclaimed its rights, rust-coloured ironwork… the Dieweg cemetery has become a haven for many species of birds, refuges and insects.

A breath of fresh air in Kinsendael-Kriekenput

Head southwest to the Kinsendael-Kriekenput nature reserve. Here, just a few minutes from the centre of Brussels, you will find yourself in the middle of nature in a wild park of more than 10 hectares. Here, city dwellers come to recharge their batteries alone or with their families. This is also the case at the Kauwberg, a 53-hectare park with paths and waterways and remarkable flora and fauna.

paysage du Kauwberg

The excitement of the Saint Job district

Head east, past the Sauvagère park, the Avijl plateau and into the Saint Job district. Can you feel the change in atmosphere?  The excitement?

Vue sur l'église Saint-Job à Uccle

Place Saint-Job: a real village centre

We invite you to the heart of the district: the Place Saint-Job. It is on this large rectangular square around which the district is built that the Saint-Job market is held. Every Monday morning, the shopkeepers set up their stalls to the delight of the regulars. A greeting, a handshake… you will notice that everyone seems to know each other. The ‘village’ spirit of this Brussels district is at work.

Marché de la place Saint-Job à Uccle

A whole history

It is also on this square, or rather under this square, that the remains of several castles have been discovered, including the first Carloo castle dating from the 16th century.

Living in Dieweg - Saint-Job

Terrasse du restaurant le Charlu à Uccle
tram 97 au dieweg
arrêt de bus Papenkasteel chaussée de Saint-Job
commerces en face du cimetière du Dieweg
terrasse du restaurant le Refuge à Uccle
restaurant le ventre saint gris à Uccle
Restaurant le Guigno à Uccle
Tennis-club le Roseau à Uccle
Terrains de tennis au Roseau à Uccle
Entrée du Lycée Français à Uccle
Station de train du Vivier d'Oie
Terrasse du restaurant le Charlu à Uccle
tram 97 au dieweg

10 things to do or see in Dieweg

  • Eat pasta at Pasta Commedia, a reference in Italian cuisine for over 20 years;
  • Enjoy a good glass of red or white wine at Charlu;
  • Meet up with friends at the Relais Saint-Job, a catering restaurant that is a must in the district;
  • Do your shopping at the Saint-Job market;
  • Go for a drink at the guinguette in Wolvendael Park on a summer evening;
  • Celebrate a special occasion at the Pigeon Noir, a gastronomic restaurant;
  • Treat the little ones to the P’Tit Rêve, an enchanting toy shop;
  • Visit Henry Van De Velde’s art nouveau villa ‘Bloemenwerf’;
  • Get advice from the master cheesemaker at Le Bonheur des Ogres;
  • Playing scare games in the Dieweg cemetery.

Are you attracted by the greenery of the Dieweg or the village spirit of Saint-Job? This neighbourhood near Uccle is full of luxury houses and flats.

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