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Selling or buying a property is often experienced as stressful and complicated. We created Inside to offer our clients a 5-star, high-performance service to make their experience a happy one. We help our clients through this life transition, accompanying them successfully through each stage of the experience. We are real estate facilitators.

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Revealing the Potential, Creating the Magic

We reveal the unique living experience of your property and its neighbourhood to sell it quickly to our informed and prepared buyers. A real work of substance and form, then of connection.

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We compile all the information, documents and compulsory certifications for properties for sale. In one click, buyers have access to this information in complete transparency.

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Inside Properties was born from the desire of two men to offer a unique real estate experience. Arnaud and Cédric joined forces to offer a 5-star turnkey service for the sale and purchase of properties. After a long career in real estate, we wanted to offer a tailor-made and avant-garde service combining know-how, human touch and serenity. An innovative strategy, new on the market to meet the specific needs of sellers and buyers!






Inside reveals the uniqueness of properties, to sell them at the best conditions to informed and prepared buyers.

A 5-star service

Relax, we take care of everything: for buyers, Inside offers all the keys to invest with peace of mind, and for sellers, we take complete charge of the sale of their property.

Unique properties

Our bias is to find unique properties. Houses and flats with character, which cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

Experience in the field

More than 20 years in the real estate sector, to the delight of the agency's clients who now benefit from Inside's unique approach.

Beyond your expectations

A unique 3-step sales strategy. To reveal the full potential of your property and sell it at the best conditions.

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