« Inside Properties embodies the perfect mix of thoughtfulness and efficiency!»

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« Inside Properties is the perfect mix of thoughtfulness and efficiency! »

Owners of a flat in Saint-Gilles, Alexandra and Fabrizio regularly scan the market, looking for the right moment to sell. It will be in 2021! In addition to the favourable real estate context, a life project will lead them to leave Brussels for a long period. So they decided to take action…

A setback tinged with disappointment

Confident, the couple with multiple international experiences set out to sell, but it did not go as planned… «In the summer, we entrusted our property to an estate agency in Saint-Gilles » , explains Alessandra. But the experiment turned out to be a failure. « Our flat was not properly promoted. Worse, we had no information about visits, the progress of the sale, etc. In short, not professional at all! In short, not professional at all! » Dissatisfied, they took matters into their own hands.

From agency to agency to find the right one

Fabrizio scoured the web and reviewed the capital’s high-end agencies, before welcoming them to the house for an exchange. «I then came across a video from Inside Properties… I was quickly attracted by the approach, particularly the open house system, which we had discovered in California. But Inside adds a unique and innovative dimension, thanks to the home staging, the videos, the storytelling around the Parvis Saint-Gilles district, etc. I even learned things about my own neighbourhood,» says Fabrizio.

The ability to adapt to customers

The couple soon met the co-founders of Inside, Cédric and Arnaud. « I started by mentioning our experiences abroad, because that explains our Anglo-Saxon mentality, mixed with our Italian culture. We are probably less flexible than the Belgians: everything has to be clear, planned and deadlines respected», Fabrizio insists, completed by Alessandra… « In addition to forming a complementary pair, Cédric and Arnaud embody a perfect balance between Belgian conviviality and Anglo-Saxon efficiency.»

The importance of being pampered

Alessandra and Fabrizio are delighted to place their trust in Inside Properties. «The decision was easy, because Inside is a really different agency, thanks to their support from A to Z. The team takes care of everything, with good humour and professionalism. You feel cared for, you feel important. In short, we are pampered and I love that,» Alessandra enthuses. On the strategy side, Fabrizio is just as enthusiastic: « Inside proposes a deadline and a minimum price… and the promises are kept, since our sales target has been reached! » A win-win operation, carried out in a weekend…

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