« Home staging makes the bride more beautiful, but transparently so! »

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« Home staging makes the bride more beautiful, but transparently so! »

Calogera Venti and Benoît Harmant are perfect examples of the happy twists and turns in our lives. After having founded their first home, each on their own, they fell in love and formed a beautiful blended family. With an extended family comes new housing needs… That’s why the sale of their respective houses became an obvious choice. A double mission, entrusted to Inside Properties!

Selling to start a new home

« I just wanted to live with my lover! But the house in Schaerbeek, which I used to live in with my two sons, had become too small for all of us », Benoît introduces, stars in his eyes. The same applies to Calogera, whose future ex-home was only occupied by her ex-husband. « In the real estate market, it was the right time, so we agreed to sell. Plus, thanks to Benoît’s positive experience, I knew that my ex-husband and I could trust Inside, » Calogera anticipates. But let’s take a step back a few months, when Benoît is the first to decide to take the plunge…

With the head and with the heart

His first instinct? Find the right partner. « Each to his own, so I contacted two agencies to get an offer and a first contact » , Benoît continues. One of his options was Inside Properties, suggested by Calogera, who had heard good things about it in his professional circle. Convinced by his exchange with Cédric and Arnaud, co-founders of Inside, Benoît entrusted them with the sale of his house. « Two criteria quickly won me over: firstly, the feeling and the human aspect, but also the scenarisation and preparation of the house. An intelligent approach that enhances the value of the property! » 

Promises kept

Calogera also joins in without hesitation. « Inside offers a fine and complete method. They take into account the overall context of the property, its assets, its defects, the neighbourhood, but also the human aspect. In my case, I was selling with my ex-husband, so these are not easy situations to manage, » she says. For the couple, the results are similar, in terms of time and price. « We sold above the advertised and hoped-for price, » smiles Benoît, complemented by his partner: « And super fast! Our houses were sold in a weekend, thanks to Inside’s professional and super-organised support, particularly in terms of administration. »

Home staging, more than just the icing on the cake

This successful double sale also reveals the advantages of home staging, an experience appreciated by the couple. « A house occupied by three men (editor’s note: Benoît and his sons)? I won’t hide the fact that there were a few « details » to improve. Inside managed to make the bride more beautiful, but without hiding anything, simply by enhancing her,» says Benoît. Even more sensitive to the decor, Calogera goes further: « Everything is done so that the buyers can project themselves. The house is better exploited, redesigned, restyled… We almost don’t want to sell it anymore , » she jokes!


Asked to sum up their respective experiences with Inside in three months, Calogera and Benoît find it hard to restrict themselves: « Support, responsiveness, professionalism… but also a taste for beauty and aesthetics!»

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