« Selling a flat is a journey, so it's best to surround yourself with the right people »

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« Selling a flat is a journey, so it's best to surround yourself with the right people »

Do you have to part with your property? It’s not always a pleasure. This was the case for Liesbeth, who had put all her heart into her flat in Brussels. It was a ‘painful’ experience that made her doubt whether she wanted to sell it… « First I had to find a good partner, one I could trust! That’s what happened with Inside Properties », she says.

Embodying your own values

From her international professional career, Liesbeth has learned the importance of surrounding herself with talented people: « Experts, better than me, who can raise the bar. That’s what I expected from a real estate agency ». His first experience was a flop… . « It was a reputable agency in the area, with good values displayed on their website. I was quickly disillusioned: the feeling of being a number, no vision of the process, the deadlines, or even the person responsible for my property », she says. But she doesn’t let it get her down…

Embarking on an adventure together

Liesbeth discovered Inside Properties by word of mouth and gave it a second try… « With Cedric and Arnaud (ed. note, co-founders of Inside), it was an immediate match. It was clear, beautiful and limpid. What struck me most was their positive energy and the confidence they offered. They make you want to go on a journey with them, to go to new horizons,» she says. This was the beginning of her adventure with Inside. An experience that Liesbeth lives with lightness and happiness…« The process came about quite naturally, thanks to the expertise of the Inside team: transparency, speed, but above all their ability to anticipate and dispel any worries! »

More than expected!

Sometimes destabilising, home staging is one of Inside’s added values… « An owner, in love with his property, is often blind. This was my case: my flat, with its soft colours and Zen atmosphere, was already perfect. I couldn’t see what Inside could do better… Hence my surprise when they arrived with orange paint! » But she let the experts from Inside guide her to achieve the common goal. The result? Liesbeth is amazed: « Cedric and Arnaud were right, because their bright and vivid touch really seduced the buyers… Looking back, I also realise that home staging helped me to gradually detach myself from my flat. »

A joy, from beginning to end

Liesbeth’s career would not be a success without a sale that was up to the task. «When Cedric and Arnaud told me the estimate, I fell off my chair a little. It was beyond my expectations », she explains. But one happiness never comes alone, as the sale was completed at an even higher price. « Double happiness ! » she says. Travellers are used to saying that the destination is less important than the journey. A maxim shared by Liesbeth, who sums up her experience with an Inside in one simple but important word: « Joy! »

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