« Real estate is not so complicated... as long as you are well accompanied! »

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« Real estate is not so complicated... as long as you are well accompanied! »

For Cathy Immelen, the search for her first property purchase was a rollercoaster ride for a long time. For about ten years, she scoured the Immoweb in search of her dream home. From periods of great enthusiasm to numerous disappointments, she thought she would never buy! But she didn’t count on the expertise of Inside Properties: an encounter that will change everything…

A ten-year struggle

«Honestly, I had made up my mind to rent until I got my pension, then I would have bought a flat on the North Sea for my old age! » Cathy admits nervously. And for good reason, the property market in Brussels is tight. «For a single person, it’s complicated to find an affordable property in good condition. Some agencies don’t even make the effort to value the houses anymore, as many buyers are ready to bid higher. As a woman, I was also afraid of being ripped off or finding hidden defects, » says the Brussels native.

Choosing without giving up (too much)

Difficulties, to which are added legitimate criteria. « It’s true that my standards were a little high, because I was renting a beautiful apartment in Saint-Gilles: high ceilings, terrace, mouldings, parquet flooring and so on, » explains Cathy, not without specifying that the rent was also «up to scratch». In her search, Cathy dreamed of a place that didn’t require any work, that was well located and had sufficient outdoor space. «As the search went on and failed to find a place, I jumped the gun, just to keep my hopes up. But as a flower lover, the terrace was a sine qua non!»

Love at first sight

One evening, Cathy fell under the spell of a photo… « I liked everything about this ad, the colours, the furniture, etc. So I dug around and, on the agency’s website, I discovered a pretty video of the neighbourhood. It was love at first sight! » This agency is Inside Properties. Cathy immediately sent an e-mail, like throwing a bottle into the sea, with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. « The next day, first thing in the morning, I got an answer! This was (pleasantly) surprising, as I had unfortunately become used to being forgotten or ignored. » The contact with Inside was established and will not be broken again. See you the following Saturday to visit this gem, located on Avenue Molière in Forest and owned by Thaddé Plater Zybek.

The love story continues

«Without Inside Properties, I probably would never have bought, » says Cathy, reassured and guided from start to finish. «I was worried that they would think I was crazy, because I was so stressed by the process: a lot of emotion, a few naive questions and even a few blunders. But the Inside team put me at ease, with education, kindness and humour. » She also understands that buyers and sellers deserve the same attention at Inside. «The position of buyer is not always easy, but I felt a lot of kindness. But there is also a real passion for real estate, Brussels, materials, etc. And you can see it in the quality of the home staging!»

Cathy, who is about to move in, sums up this beautiful story with Inside Properties in three words: competence, benevolence and honesty. « Real estate is not so complicated… as long as you are well accompanied! If I had to sell? It would only be with Inside. Without hesitation! »  Happy ending.

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