Our mission: « To provide a 5* and ultra efficient real estate service ».

Why did you create Inside Properties?

Cédric Maes and Arnaud Badjou are the co-founders of Inside Properties. With 40 years of experience in the real estate business, they use their know-how to offer their clients a qualitative, efficient and human accompaniment.

Like most real estate agents, we worked for a long time in a « classic » way but we were not satisfied with the results. We were frustrated not to be able to provide a 5* and ultra efficient real estate service as in the United States or in Great Britain, and this is what led us to create Inside Properties.

How is Inside Properties different from other real estate agencies?

We want to offer an unforgettable and hassle-free experience to both buyers and sellers. For buyers, this means the ability to choose their future home in complete transparency. They can project themselves into their new home thanks to home staging and have access to all the information related to the property and the purchase in one click.

As for the owners, they benefit from a total support. Our experience and our methods allow us to guarantee an ultra fast sale, in all serenity and at the requested price. At Inside Properties, the average time between the sale and the signature of an offer for acceptance is less than 24 days, compared to 4 months on a Belgian scale.

What is your relationship with the sellers during this mission?

Very often, the owners have no idea of the extent of our involvement. Used to classic real estate agencies, they expect a few meetings spread over a sales process of several months. However, we spend a lot of time with them before the property is put on the market to collect information and carry out the home staging, but also to immerse ourselves in the uniqueness of the property.

We therefore have the time to get to know the owners and to create links with them. So much so that we sometimes share their table for lunch or dinner!

How do you promote your properties to buyers?

First of all, there are the audiovisual means: we produce a quality photo report on the property and its neighborhood, as well as a video that allows buyers to be inspired and to project themselves in the premises.

We make it a point of honor to collect all the information about the property and make it available to potential buyers. In one second, they have access on our website to the co-ownership charges, the EPC certificate, the property tax, etc.

We also put a lot of effort and resources into promoting our properties for sale on social networks, mainly Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Nearly half of our buyer clients arrive via these channels.

What types of properties are you positioning yourself on?

We mainly market unique, quality properties that have soul and character. This is what attracts buyers. For the time being, we are focusing on the Brussels market and the surrounding area.

Our goal is that our new type of agency becomes a reference for all owners who want a fast sales service, at the best conditions and without bad surprises.

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