Chant d'Oiseau District , a family and heteroclite neighbourhood

In Brussels, Chant d’Oiseau district is located in the municipalities of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and Auderghem. Occupied by the Forêt de Soignes at the beginning of the 19th century, this district subsequently underwent a phase of urbanisation. Stretching from Woluwe Park to the Chaussée de Wavre and the Avenue de Tervuren, the Chant d’Oiseau is increasingly attracting a family and European population. Let’s go for a visit in this very residential area.

vue sur une avenue du quartier du chant d'oiseau

Discover Chant d'Oiseau district in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and Auderghem

You are therefore in the east of the municipality of Etterbeek, north of Auderghem and south-west of the Woluwe-Saint-Lambert district. Chant d’Oiseau district is crossed from one side to the other by the Avenue du Chant d’Oiseau. Numerous streets with bird names are home to small, sought-after houses.

vue sur Sculpture "Sous le même ciel"
avenue résidentielle du quartier chant d'oiseau

Chant d’Oiseau district, an upmarket district in the east of Brussels

Notre-Dame Des Grâces, a neo-Romanesque church, the Villa Gosset, an Art Deco building dating from 1928, the Saint-Julien church in the south-west of the district, the monumental organ, all these buildings add a certain cachet to this district. Stroll along the quiet streets lined with hedges and small houses, all named after birds such as cormorants and albatrosses in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and canaries and peacocks in Auderghem.

vue sur les jardin de la Maison N.-D. du Chant d’Oiseau

Chant d’Oiseau district, a Sustainable Citizen District

Living in Chant d’Oiseau neighbourhood in the Brussels-Capital Region means living as an eco-responsible citizen. You will find two collective composting sites. In order to promote more sustainable consumption, a regular local market takes pride of place. In Chant d’Oiseau district, you can take advantage of eco-driving courses, bike shelters for your bicycle trips and a bike caddy loan service. To study the insulation of each house in this Brussels district, thermography is a method used to detect areas of heat loss inside each home.

marché de la place de l'avenue des éperviers

Relaxation at Woluwe Park and the Mellaerts Ponds

Let’s continue towards the east of Chant d’Oiseau district. There, the magnificent Woluwe Park, perfectly maintained by Brussels Environment, is open to you. Bordered by the Mellaerts Ponds, you will discover a peaceful place for your morning or Sunday walks. You should also know that this district, close to the centre, is the one that is most spared from aircraft noise.

vue sur une plaine du parc de la woluwe
vue sur les étangs de la woluwe
allée du parc de la woluwe
vue sur une plaine du parc de la woluwe
vue sur les étangs de la woluwe

Living at the Chant d'Oiseau

devanture du boulanger au croquant avenue des volontaires
façade de l'épicier plantin
façade du deli traiteur avenue des volontaires
devanture de l'épicerie d'envie et d'ailleurs
avenue dans le quartier du chant d'oiseau
devanture de la boucherie Peter et Sabine
avenue du chant d'oiseau à Woluwe-saint-pierre
façade du théâtre la comedie claude volter
vue sur le collège saint-michel
devanture du fleuriste Anne chateau avenue des volontaires
devanture de la boucherie chez Thierry
station de métro Pétillon avenue des volontaires
devanture du boulanger au croquant avenue des volontaires
façade de l'épicier plantin

10 things to do or places to visit in Chant d'Oiseau district

What to do in Brussels in Chant d’Oiseau district? We suggest 10 relaxing activities to try in the Chant d’Oiseau:

  • Stroll through the market on the Franciscans’ square on Thursday evening;
  • Treat yourself to a dinner at the Bon Bon restaurant, with 2 Michelin stars, next to the district;
  • Enjoy the many cultural activities offered by the CCCO (Centre communautaire du Chant d’Oiseau) such as sports, creative activities, languages, cooking, games, etc.
  • Doing your weekly sport at Basic-Fit Brussels Auderghem Hankar;
  • Going to the theatre and enjoying a great Parisian play as part of the « Paris Théâtre » cycle at the Auderghem cultural centre;
  • Strolling through the Chant d’Oiseau branch library;
  • Enjoy the nature of the Woluwe Park and the Mellaerts Ponds;
  • Take your children to the playgrounds on Avenue des Franciscains or Rue du Bemel;
  • Organise a visit to the Brussels Urban Transport Museum;
  • Take music theory, guitar, flute or piano lessons at the Music Academy.
vue sur le collège saint michel à woluwe saint pierre
vue sur statue edmont thieffry

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