Parvis Saint-Gilles, a dynamic and cosmopolitan neighborhood

Located in the west of the Saint-Gilles district, between the Marolles, Anderlecht and Forest, the Parvis de Saint-Gilles is ideally situated a few minutes from the Sablon and the Grand-Place of Brussels. Lively, cosmopolitan and bohemian, it is one of the most fashionable districts of the moment.

vue sur le parvis de saint-gilles

Immersed in the Parvis Saint-Gilles district

Welcome to the parvis de Saint-Gilles area, near the Châtelain and the Hauts de Saint-Gilles. A lively district of Brussels, the historic heart of the municipality and with a varied landscape.

terrasse du café la maison du peuple à Saint-Gilles

The architectural heritage of Saint-Gilles

Before leaving to discover the Parvis de Saint-Gilles, we invite you to discover one of the most beautiful buildings of the capital, the town hall of Saint-Gilles. Built in the French neo-renaissance style, it is overhung by a belfry of 41 meters high! Push the door, the entrance hall is also worth a visit.

Further south, not far from the Forest Park and the Albert Avenue, stands a building resembling a castle. It is the prison of Saint-Gilles. If you are interested in the neo-medieval style, visit the Porte de Hal, further north, on the border between Saint-Gilles and Les Marolles. Climb to the top and enjoy an impressive panorama of the city of Brussels.

Hotel de ville de Saint-Gilles
vue sur le parc de la porte de hal

Party at Parvis Saint-Gilles

The Avenue du Parc and the Barrière de Saint-Gilles delimit the districts. To the west is the Parvis Saint-Gilles, to the east, the Hauts de Saint-Gilles. In the Parvis, bars are legion and terraces are popular!

To start your tour, go to the Parvis, a few steps from the church of Saint-Gilles, and enter the Brasserie Verschueren, an authentic Art Deco style place. A little further on, the Maison du Peuple café organizes DJ sets. But that’s not all! Lovers of original beers can meet at the Ermitage. At aperitif time, it’s at the Flora café that you should go to taste fabulous cocktails.  Finally, the locals meet at the brasserie de l’Union, the café Dillens or the Belladone, a café that is worth a visit, if only for its imposing copper bar.

terrasse du restaurant la Porteuse d'Eau
terrasse d'un café du parvis de Saint-Gilles
Terrasses bondées du parvis de saint-gilles
terrasse de la Brasserie Verschueren
terrasse de la brasserie de l'Union à Saint-Gilles
terrasse du restaurant la Porteuse d'Eau
terrasse d'un café du parvis de Saint-Gilles

The Parvis de Saint-Gilles, an artist’s paradise

Saint-Gilles is a district renowned for its art galleries. The location of the neighborhood and the Place du Jeu de Balle, a 10-minute walk from the Porte de la Hal, the proximity of the Marolles and the concentration of public transportation attract gallery owners.

One of the best known art galleries is the Déborah Bowmann Gallery, specializing in design and contemporary art. Another Mecca for culture and emerging artists that you will enjoy is the Forest Divonne Gallery, on rue de l’Hôtel des Monnaies.

You will find it in the Art Nouveau Wissinger Hotel, a sumptuous building signed by Victor Horta.

A neighborhood with a responsible ecological trend

Another asset of the Parvis de Saint-Gilles district is its ecological and social orientation. Sustainable development, participative economy and exchanges are present. To get an idea of this, go to the Tricoterie, a 1,200 m² space located on a former industrial site on rue Théodore Verhaegen.

The place defines itself as a link factory and hosts citizen initiatives, but also an important offer of activities: repair café, creators’ market, concerts, yoga (and laughter yoga!), siesta with the gongs, writing workshops (to name but a few)… Every Sunday, the brunch is sold out!

You’ll have to be there early to reserve a table and enjoy a moment with family or friends around healthy and organic food. There is even a daycare for the little ones to have fun.

Living in Parvis Saint-Gilles

place Morichar

10 things to do or places to see in the Parvis de Saint-Gilles neighbourhood

  • Bruncher à la Tricoterie
  • Drink a cocktail at Café Flora
  • Enjoy a good traditional dish at Oma
  • Visit the Hal Gate and enjoy the view
  • Go dancing at the Maison du Peuple
  • Eat vegetarian at Nourritures Terrestres
  • Do some shopping at the Parvis market or rather at the Carré des Monaies (small or large markets from Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Buy local at Comptoir Belge
  • Visit the art galleries: La Forest Divonne, Déborah Bowmann, Eleven Steen…
  • Soak up the bohemian atmosphere and shop in the organic, ethical and sustainable boutiques.
coucher de soleil sur le parvis de Saint-Gilles

You are conquered? You should know that in the Parvis Saint-Gilles area, there are some beautiful buildings. Now all you have to do is…

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