The Saint-Denis district, an authentic neighbourhood

Jardin de l'Abbaye de Forest

Located in the south of the municipality of Forest, close to Uccle, the Saint-Denis district is situated between Alsemberg North and the E42. It is close to the Uccle Centre district and the Altitude Cent district. Saint-Denis is full of small shops, cultural events, flea markets and markets that give rhythm to the life of this district, which is popular with a young, family-oriented and multicultural population.

Barbier Dr Moustache à Forest

Experience the liveliness of the Saint-Denis district in Forest

Welcome to the Saint-Denis district of Forest. An area where all generations live together harmoniously. It is a family-friendly neighbourhood with a cosmopolitan population.

Parc de l'Abbaye de Forest

Walking in the Bempt park or the park of the Saint-Denis abbey

Located in the south of the district, the Bempt park is an ideal place for a family walk. In the centre there is a lake where you can enjoy a picnic on a sunny day. You can also take advantage of your visit to take a ride on the Little Steam Train of Forest. Children love this miniature train. Laughter guaranteed! Once you have completed the tour, take the children to the nearby playground. Want to let off steam? The Parc du Bempt is also home to the Forest Football Club. And to the west of the park, there is a communal swimming pool.

Etangs du Parc du Bempt à Forest
Le petit train à vapeur à Forest

Another park, another atmosphere, we take you to the north of the district, to the Parc de L’Abbaye de Saint-Denis. The Abbey is also the place chosen to host the new cultural centre of the district (ABY). From 2023 onwards, this is where you will find the Academy of Music, Dance and the Spoken Arts, the French-speaking library (Biblif), the Brass exhibition halls and the Forest cultural centre. There will also be a 400-seat auditorium, a café-restaurant and areas dedicated to young people.

Finally, if you are looking for a playground for the little ones, go in front of the town hall, at the foot of the Saint-Denis church in Forest. The Duden Park is 1 km away. Finally, another park that attracts people with its wild aspect is located near the Uccle – Stalle bus station, this is the Jacques Brel Park, known for its 400 year old Josephine oak tree!

Parc de l'Abbaye de Forest
Plaine de jeux de l'Abbaye de Forest

Saint-Denis, a shopping district with a village spirit

A village atmosphere and life means a market and small shops! Saturday is market day in Saint-Denis! And it is on the town square that the merchants set up their stalls. The smell of roast chicken, the shouts of the merchants… it’s guaranteed to be lively.

The district is also well supplied with supermarkets: ALDI, Delhaize, Colruyt… You will also find a cooperative grocery shop, La Vivrière, located just south of the Parc de l’Abbaye, at the corner of Place Saint-Denis. This organic shop offers local and healthy products, bulk food…

Place Saint Denis à Forest
Epicerie la Vivrière

Living in the Saint-Denis district

Terrain de Hockey au Royal Uccle Sport

10 things to do or see in the Saint-Denis district of Forest

  • Take a walk in the Bempt Park
  • Take a ride on the Little Steam Train in Forest
  • Do some shopping at the market on the Place Communale de Saint-Gilles
  • Play a game of pétanque at the Petanqueclub Het Frankveld VZW
  • Go to a concert at Forest National
  • Walk around Sint-Denis Abbey
  • Have a drink on the terrace of the Sint-Denis Tavern in the Driesstraat
  • Mexican food at Tex-Mex on the Neerstalle
  • Succumb to the pastries of Ronron Macarons
  • Sit on a bench in the charming Menhirs Square and enjoy the shade in summer
Place Saint Denis à Forest

Did this Brussels district appeal to you? The Saint-Denis district is appreciated for its authenticity. You will find many quality flats and houses to settle in Forest.


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