Wiels, a district where culture and greenery dominate

homme contemplant le quartier Wiels à Forest

The Wiels district is located in the lower part of Forest, near the Altitude Cent district and the Saint-Denis district, between the Forest park and the Audi Brussels factory site. It benefits from an ideal location near the city center of Brussels and the inner ring road. Discover a lively and green neighborhood where culture is everywhere.

Wiels, a shopping area with an ideal location

Nice little restaurants, breweries, bars, stores, cultural places… Wiels is a dynamic district. To start your walk to discover this district of Forest, we take you along the Wielemans Ceuppens Avenue.

The WIELS, a Mecca for contemporary art in Brussels

Welcome to WIELS, the experimental contemporary art center that gave its name to this neighborhood. It includes three exhibition halls on a total surface of 1800m², a cinema/auditorium and organizes individual workshops of artists in residence. If you like contemporary art, this place will please you. Take the opportunity to have a bite to eat at its café-restaurant before heading off to one of the other cultural hotspots in the neighborhood.

vue sur le quartier Wiels à Forest
Le centre d'art Wiels
Rez-de-chaussée du centre d'art Wiels
Vues sur le bas de Forest
terrasse panoramique du centre d'art wiels
vue sur le quartier Wiels à Forest
Le centre d'art Wiels

Discover the other cultural places in Forest

Leaving Wiels, continue north along the Van Volxem avenue. We take you to BRASS, the cultural center of Forest. Opened in 2008, it is located in the former Wielemans-Ceuppens brewery. Admire the facade of this building which is a nice testimony of the Brussels architecture of the 20th century. Depending on the program, you can attend different events: concerts, shows, exhibitions, festivals, workshops, meetings, book fairs and citizen initiatives.

Among the other cultural places to discover, we recommend the Improviste theater located on rue de Fierlant. As its name indicates, it is dedicated to improvisation. It is the first Belgian theater of this type.

If you like photography, visit the A Stichting foundation on the site of the former Bata factories. Created on the initiative of Astrid Ullens de Schooten, it is recognized as a public utility and aims to support the creation, knowledge and conservation of the photographic image.

Finally, Rosas, the company of the Flemish choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaecker offers a few performances. The international school P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studio) is also located on the site.

Allée centrale de l'avenue du Roi à Forest

Stroll in the parks of the Wiels district

From WIELS, head east along Avenue Berthelot to take a walk in the Forest Park. In the summer, stop at the guinguette and don’t forget to admire the urban panorama of the city. To do so, go to the mound, which was an observation point during the First World War. From there, you will have a clear view on the ten bell towers below. Forest Park also hosts festivals: the Super Vlieg Super Mouche and the Forest Sounds Festival.

To the south of this park, another green space well known to the inhabitants of Brussels and more particularly to the inhabitants of the Wiels district awaits you, the Duden Park. Take advantage of its 24 hectares of wooded and hilly grounds to recharge your batteries. This park is home to a former castle of the Royal Donation, which now houses part of the premises and facilities of HELB-INRACI and NARAFI, the two oldest film schools in Belgium. If you are a soccer fan, you will also find the Joseph Marien stadium, home of the Royal Union of Saint-Gilles.

Vue sur le Jardin Essentiel à Forest
personnes se baladant dans le parc de Forest
parc de Forest en été
Bronzage dans le parc de Forest
Vue sur l'école des Arts-Campus Narafi dans le parc Duden
entrée du stade Joseph Marien
Stade Joseph Marien
Vue sur le Jardin Essentiel à Forest
personnes se baladant dans le parc de Forest

Drink and eat well in WIELS

A little hungry? Jacques le Fromager, in fact Jacques Defrenne, is well known by the followers of the Brussels markets. Since 2007, he travels the Belgian farms in search of the best cheeses. Since 2019, his store is always full! You will find organic cheese from small Belgian, Swiss, French and Italian producers. You can also enjoy a beer at the Dekkera, on the corner of Decoster Avenue, or taste the delicious dishes prepared by the caterer « Les Voisines ».

devanture de l'épicerie Bloum à Forest
terrasse du cafe Dekkera
Terrasse dans le quartier wiels
terrasse du café Rocket's à Forest
devanture du magasin Jacques le Fromager
terrasse de cantine Foret à Faim
devanture de l'épicerie Bloum à Forest
terrasse du cafe Dekkera

Living in the Wiels district

Terrasse dans le quartier wiels
façades boulevard van Haelen

10 things to do or see in Wiels

  • Visit the contemporary art exhibitions at WIELS
  • Attend a dance performance at ROSA
  • Admire the view from the top of the Forest Park
  • Buy cheese at Jacques le Fromager
  • Go jogging in the Duden Park
  • Attend one of the many music festivals: Super vlieg Super Mouche, Forest Sounds festival…
  • Visit the Foundation A Stichting
  • Attend an improv performance at the Improviste theater
  • Stroll on the boulevard Guillaume Van Haelen, the avenue du Roi and the avenue des Villas to discover magnificent Art Deco or Art Nouveau facades
  • Have a drink at the guinguette of the Forest park

Does this area of the lower part of Forest appeal to you?  With its proximity to the Midi train station and the city center, the Wiels district is ideally situated. You will find exceptional housing there. All you have to do is discover…

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